Important Information

Every good bond starts with good preparation. This preparation consists of several steps, such as cleaning, use of a primer and the right working area. Please ensure that your workshop area is in a dust free environment and has a minimum room temperature of ca. 59 F˚ (15 ˚Celsius).
Cleaning Before you begin, always check how dirty the materials that you want to bond are. If they are highly contaminated with oil or grease, clean it with an industrial cleaner or a heptanes solution. Even when the surface is clean, use a 100% Isopropanol solution cleaner. Ensure that you wipe the surface in just one direction, so that the dirt is wiped off. If you do not do this you will always leave some dust or dirt on the substrate.
Quality The quality of the bond also depends largely on the contact that the two surfaces make with each other. Because of its viscoelasticity, the tape is able to flow into the microscopic pores of the materials. However, if there is a big surface mismatch or if the materials are not pressed together the bond will reach its end strength more slowly, or not at all. Therefore we advise you to put pressure on the bond of at least 100 kPa to allow the tape to make a perfect bond between the two materials.
The end strength will be reached much faster if you use a primer. This enables the tape to reach its end bond within 5 – 20 minutes instead of taking 72 hours. Without the primer, high bond tape normally has 50% of its final bond strength and with use of the primer this will be boosted up to 80%. If you have any questions regarding the primer, the manual or the mechanical application, please contact our technical sales team.
Storage &
Shelf Life
Please make sure that the tape is stored in its original packaging, in a dry place and at a temperature of preferably between 39 F˚ and 100 F˚ (4 ˚C and 38 ˚Celsius). When the tape is stored under the right conditions it has a shelf life of 18 months.
All technical data is based on our own experience and external test institutes. These values are representative and cannot automatically be used for your own specific application. You will first need to test whether the tape is suitable for your application or project. We must point out that you need to follow the rules and regulations that are applicable in the state, county or country that you are using our product in. If you have any questions regarding the use of our acrylic foam tape, please contact our technical service or technical sales team.
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