Application Tips

The following is a guide to proper application of high bond tape.
This ensures the maximum bond and high performance. Incorrect application of high bond tapes can affect adhesion and functionality.


  • Both bonding surfaces must be unified, clean and dry to obtain optimum adhesion.
  • Most surfaces are best cleaned by using a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water. This is a safe and common solution.
  • IPA/water solution will clean light oil, films and other dirt.
  • Glass bonding - use a coupling agent to clean and treat glass surfaces.

Things to Watch Out For
(less than optimal conditions)

  • Dirty surfaces - dust, oil, dirt, etc.
  • Low temperatures - apply high bond tape at 50 F˚ (10 C˚) or higher for maximum bonding results
  • Material temperature - avoid the risk of water droplets and condensation on substrate surface
  • Low surface energy (LSE) materials - silicone paints, plastic, etc.

Applying High Bond Tape to Substrates

  • Firm application pressure creates a greater amount of surface contact and a stronger bond.
  • Apply tape to the first surface using light finger pressure or use a hand roller to ensure good wet-out and remove entrapped air.
  • Remove the liner, align the parts and apply second substrate immediately to exposed tape.
  • Once liner is removed, avoid touching the adhesive with fingers or other tools, as this may allow dirt and dust to get on the tape surface.
  • Apply pressure to bonded parts.
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