Electronics Assembly

Benefits of High Bond Tape

  • Tape can be applied by a simple peel and stick procedure, saving time and effort
  • Industrial Strength is as strong as rivets, liquid adhesives, spot welds and other fasteners
  • Cleaner appearance than traditional fasteners
  • Even Seal - high bond tape runs the entire length of the bond line providing a superior seal against water and dirt
  • Vibration resistant - acrylic foam distributes stress over entire area and conforms to irregular surfaces to dampen vibration.
  • Durability - high bond tape holds up against extreme weather and working conditions
  • Seperates metals to reduce corrosion

Typical Electronic Applications

  • Bonding lightweight skins to frames
  • Bonding stiffeners to panels
  • Product assembly and lens attachment
  • Bonding decorative materials
  • Hanging signs and letters
  • Antenna Bonding
  • Battery Bonding
  • Bezel Bonding
  • Case Assembly
  • Cover Lens Bonding
  • Display Bonding
  • Electronic Component Bonding
  • Logo Bonding
  • Touch Panel Bonding
  • Wire and Cable Clip Attachment

Technical Advantages

  • Temperature range from -40º F - 200º F
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Resists solvents
  • No silicone primers required
  • Viscoelasticity allows for bonding of irregular surfaces
  • Very high cohesion (internal strength)
  • Absorbs thermal expansion of substrates
  • Good impact resistance

Compare to: VHB™ Tape RP45, VHB™ 4941, 4950

Electronic Bonding Tapes - High Bond Electronics Solutions

Conformable acrylic foam tape is ideal for use in electronic applications (listed below). High bond tape is made of closed cell acrylic foam that provides a permanent adhesive bond for electronic assembly. Electronic assembly tape has a double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding a wide variety of substrates including many metal, plastic and painted materials. High bond tape provides cushioning, damping, and impact resistance and is easier to work with than liquid adhesives. Foamed acrylic is more attractive than mechanical fasteners like screws and welds. Available white, black and gray.

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