25 mil x 1" x 108' Gray Acrylic Tape

25 mil x 1" x 108' Gray Acrylic Tape
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25 mil. high bond tape is a double sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tape, especially designed for a wide variety of materials with high and medium surface energy such as glass, glass / epoxy, muntin bars, stainless steel and galvanized steel. This tape is capable of absorbing differing thermal expansions of two different materials. This series of high bond tape maintains high impact resistance even at temperatures below 32 F˚ (0 ˚C).

Prevents shear stress on both substrates during bonding. Due to its conformability, 25 mil. is capable of bonding a variety of different thin and structured materials full surface and tension free. Furthermore, high bond tape is useful in a wide variety of applications like reinforcement of profiles on aluminum, road signs, and various types of plastics such as nylon, polycarbonate, rigid PVC or ABS. This acrylic foam tape has a very high temperature resistance and is suitable for pre-powder coating applications. In combination with a primer the 25 mil. tape family guarantees excellent adhesion performance.

25 mil. tape has a closed cell structure, which is wind and water resistant. Because it is 100% acrylic based high bond tape, it will form an almost indestructible bond between the materials. This family is resistant to UV, ageing, softening agents and solvents (offers good plasticizer resistance). These tapes bond immediately and offer a perfect resistance to the peel and shear loads that can affect a bond. 25 mil. series tapes are very well suited to absorb dynamic loads as they are viscoelastic. They can act as a sealant, form a permanent tension free bond, and bond many different types of synthetic materials.

Adhesive High Performance Acrylic
Adhesive Carrier Conformable Closed Cell Acrylic Foam
Coating: Liner Side Direct Foam
Coating: Open Side Direct Foam
Roll Length 108' | 33m
Thickness 0.025" | 0.64mm
Width 1" | 25mm
Tolerance ± 0.004" | 0.10mm
Density 55 lb/ ft³ | 880 kg/m³
Tape Color Grey
Liner Red PE film
Peel Adhesion (ASTM D 3330) 18 lb/in | 310 N/100mm
Normal Tensile (ASTM 897) 107 lb/in² | 740 kPa
Dynamic Shear 71 lb/in² | 490 kPa 20min
Overlap (ASTM 1002) 93 lb/in² | 640 kPa 24h.
Static Shear (ASTM 3654) 97 lb/in² | 670 kPa
Solvent Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Temperature Resistance
Long Term 320 °F | 160 °C
Short Term 464 °F | 240 °C

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