What is Very High Bond Tape

What is Very High Bond Tape?
Acrylic Foam Tape is the leading alternative to VHB™ double-sided tape. Acrylic foam tapes is a pressure sensitive, closed cell acrylic foam tape that provides very high bond strength at an affordable price. Acrylic high bond tape is designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Very high bond tape with structural adhesive bonds permanently to virtually all substrates with the same strength as nails, screws, rivets, etc.

Provides a seamless and attractive alternative to typical mechanical fasteners. Double sided acrylic foam tapes are specially designed to adhere to surfaces such as glass, steel, aluminum, ceramics and various plastics e.g. rigid PVC, ABS (including nickel coated ABS) and polycarbonate. Our very high bond strength tapes maintain high impact resistance even at temperatures below 32 F˚ (0 ˚C)

Key Benefits & Features
Our line of acrylic foam tapes offers convenience and durability where other mechanical fasteners fail. Save time, money and materials with very high bond strength tape.

Why Choose Acrylic Foam Tape?
The 100% acrylic based structure of high performance tapes resists UV and ageing. It forms a very high bond and offers unique shock and impact absorption. Acrylic foam high bond tape is completely conformable so it sticks to irregular and rounded surfaces without breaking the adhesion. Closed cell structure is wind and water proof, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Affordable Pricing
Highbondtapes.com offers proven alternatives to bigger brand name tapes. Our acrylic foam tapes have been tested and engineered to match and even exceed similar products on the market. Compare our technical data and see for yourself.

High bond tape absorbs energy and provides excellent strength and a very high bond. Unlike mechanical fasteners, which are applied at designated pressure points throughout an application, foamed acrylic tape distributes stress evenly across the entire bonded area. Read about more benefits of high bond tape versus traditional mechanical fasteners.

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