Permanent Assembly Tape

Permanent Assembly Tape - Double Sided High Bond Tape

Extraordinary strength, conformable acrylic foam tapes are a proven alternative for screws, rivets and welds. Resists stress, fatigue, vibration, heat, cold, temperature cycling, moisture, solvents and UV light. Acrylic foam tape provides specialty bonding by adhering 2 substrates together while spreading stress load across the entire length of the joint, rather than at single points throughout the surface. High bond tape creates a virtually indestructible weld effect by conforming to each substrate and distributing bond stress evenly across the whole surface.

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40 mil x 1" x 108' Transparent Acrylic Tape
Transparent double sided high performance tape designed to be virtually invisible for aesthetic high..
$61.99 per roll
45 mil x 1" x 108' Acrylic Tape
Available white, black or grey. 45 mil. series Industrial high bond tape is double sided high perfor..
$48.32 per roll
60 mil x 1" x 54' Black Acrylic Tape - Box of 3
3 rolls per case. Double sided 60 mil. black high bond tape bonds to a variety of substrates and mai..
$116.46 per case
60 mil x 1" x 54' Clear Acrylic Tape
60 mils thick, clear, double sided, high performance tape designed to be virtually invisible for aes..
$33.53 per roll
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Benefits of High Bond Assembly Tape

  • Instant Bond - pressure sensitive adhesive creates a bond immediately on contact
  • Shock Absorption - Acrylic foam absorbs shock and impact, a quality that metal fasteners can't provide
  • Even Stress Distribution - High bond tape provides a continuous bond over the entire surface of joined substrates
  • Expansion and Contraction - Permanent assembly acrylic tape outperforms other fasteners by conforming to thermal differences, uneven substrates and temperature extremes.
  • Waterproofing - High bond tape offers a permanent seal that resists environmental elements
  • Conformability - Acrylic foam tape is flexible allowing it to fill irregular spaces and mismatched substrates while maintaining high internal strength.
  • Appearance - High bond tapes are virtually invisible, unlike screws, welds and rivets. Tape provides smooth fastening for a seamless appearance.
  • Productivity - Using high bond tape can greatly improve production time by eliminating the need for drills, grinding, refinishing, screwing and welding. Simple peel and apply pressure to create a seamless bond.


High bond permanent assembly tapes offer unlimited design and application possibilities from general bonding to industrial adherence. Mechanical fasteners can't compete with the benefits and performance of closed cell high bond tape. Foamed acrylic is designed with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides that offers a unique high performance bond that other fasteners simply cannot match.

Compare to: 3M™ VHB™ Tape

Typical Applications

  • General Assembly
  • Building and Construction
  • Point of Purchase
  • RV and Trailers
  • Mounting
  • Weather Sealing
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Product Displays
  • Marine Electronics
  • Refrigerators
  • Architectural Windows
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Metal and Plastic Signage
  • Furniture
  • Highway Signs
  • Door and Wall Signs
  • Bonding Irregular Surfaces
  • Window Construction
  • Product Manufacturing
  • and more!
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