Sign Assembly & Display

  • Design: display panels
  • Event promotion: seamless banner assembly, sign installation
  • P.O.P. Displays: clean design, no
    visible fasteners
  • Road Signs: high impact and weather resistant mounting
  • Interior and exterior sign mounting
  • Mobile billboards
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3M™ VHB™ 4950 Strips 0.045" x 1" x 4" - 25 Pack
25 strips per pack. 1" wide x 4.12" long pre-cut white VHB™ strips by 3M™. Double sided high perform..
$35.42 per pack
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Benefits of High Bond Sign Tape

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Seamless bond creates a more attractive display
  • Available color options offer a visual compliment to many sign materials
  • Even distribution of stress minimizes wear and tear
  • Weather resistance for exterior applications
  • Seals against liquid and dust
  • Eliminate need for weatherproof sealants
  • Tape is easier and less time consuming to apply than screws, welds and rivets
  • Vibration resistance provides excellent durability even in extreme environments
  • Clear tape available for transparent signs and window graphics

Typical Uses in the Sign Industry

  • Exterior signs
  • Street signs
  • All purpose sign construction
  • Backlit signs
  • 3D sign letters and components
  • LED Sign construction
  • Neon sign assembly
  • Attach plastic to metal
  • Bond acrylic signs
  • P.O.P. display construction
  • Metal signs
  • Permanent window graphics
  • Mobile billboards
  • Sign mounting
  • Interior and exterior fixtures
  • Building metal signs
  • Transparent sign construction

Technical Advantages

  • Temperature range from -40º F - 200º F
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Resists solvents
  • No silicone primers required
  • Viscoelasticity allows for bonding of irregular surfaces
  • Very high cohesion (internal strength)
  • Absorbs thermal expansion of substrates
  • Good impact resistance

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